Art of public speaking

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after a long break of one year, here i am back on my blog . Without any futher discussions lets jump straight on the topic i.e. public speaking.

3/4 of the population are intimidated by public speaking,why is it so ????

Why only few able to master the art of public speaking???

What if i say that you will be an amazing public speaker after reading this post …..

Well that will probably be a lie…hehehe

No one can master the art of public speaking overnight but if you follow my advice and practise alot using my tips and tricks then you will fo sure master this art.

1.You have to grab the attention of audience in 1st 10sec. Engage them by asking questions or tell them some interesting facts.

2. Just be clear about one thing that speeches are not about you, its about the value you can give to the audience. They just want to know what’s in it for them.

3.You gota simplify things, take complex things and simplify it…….

Practise the speech in front of 6 yr old and make him understand your point.

4. Avoid ppt because then people are looking at ppt and not you, you have to sell yourself not your idea.

5.You have to make ideas relatable, dont talk about your success but talk about your struggles and how you get over it. Tell them about the time you almost gave up,so they they can feel that you are like them .

6.Sell the why and not how. Remember why is 80% reason people will able to do it. Give them a why so that they can start doing right after.

7. Five ways to amazing presentation….


B.What and if – ask questions

3.Why- why they should listen you, show them your struggle.

4.How- there should be a model on how to achieve it, so that ,they can explain that model to others.

5.transition- transition from what they are talking abt to what you want them to do. Eg- sell ur product, sell ur service, raise funds etc.

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I wake up squinting in the morning. My reddish eyes were looking for somthing and that was reason, reason to get up.I got up struggling with my own thoughts. Hiding from everyone’s eyes , I took breakfast and went back to my room as if they want to snatch my food. I spend the whole day in my own room giving zero fucks to the world outside. I am empty from inside and my mind is blankย  may be because i have lost the driving force of mankind i.e. hope. With the helplessness i went back to my bed and closed my eyes wishing to fell asleep forever.


I was surrounded by the  people  of different mentality but somthing was comman in all they were  running for  pleasure , ambition , money and fun in order to get prosperity of cherish moment and they used to hide their identity and being fake , to be an icon .

So being optimistic and unaware about the fact I was also in the same race of humbug people  ,my life was on similar track in the same phase But when i met a person who unknowingly taught me lot of things  and changed my perspective , it’s not that now i am completely different person but only because of him that i am able to start my new year with new ideologies and ameliorate to be a patent of my own journey . The most crucial lesson  that I learnt so far is that how much time you spend with the person don’t matter  but how much you learn from his experiences matters a lot.

I know, the stages of our lives have different turning phases, but the reinvigorating moment brought by those people who were stranger to us ,so let’s we all say soulfully and heartly big thank you to them for showing us the path .

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Sorry friends i have’nt published any post last week.

Actully, nowadays I am quite busy preparing for my CAT exam that is on 24th of nov. 

So wish me luck friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know you all must be curious about the title of this post so, let me tell you this is a normal conversation post as i was missing you all . I want everyone to comment otherwise there will be no meaning of this post ๐Ÿ™

Friends I am planning to do a post about me in which i will tell you all about I ,me and myself ๐Ÿ˜€

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Why not hindi ???

Why in india we consider hindi as a secondary language or a language of illiterate ???

Why people feel shame in accepting that they dont know english while some boast of not knowing hindi ???

Why we see english as a cool language and hindi as a language of “gawar”???

Its soo disheartning to say that we are living in a country where people are ashamed of speaking in their mother toungue in public.

I am not against english, its always good to learn other languages . I am against ones who look down on hindi.

 We love our country and we are proud of it so why can’t we love hindi and proud of it too


Why are you not successful

Why there are some who achieve their dreams many who does’nt ???

Why some are able to turn their illusion into reality while others just live in illusions ???

What is the difference between a successful  person  and  a   commoners???

 You also want to be a successful person… let me show you the path to success

1. Be crystal clear about your dream. You should know what exactly you want .

2. Once you are clear about your ambition then pick up pen and dairy as its time to plan because –

If you fail to plain then you plan to fail.

Let me tell you friend 80% of us reach to this step . 

  3. Next step is to action.

Your 90% success depend on this step .

You have to take action immediately . You have to follow your plan without procrastination. 

# we all are procrastinators. Believe me this is the sole reason for our failure. We don’t postpone our task but we postpone our dreams. I know saying  “stop procrastination” is very easy but actually doing it is an uphill task . I know there are days when you dont want to do anythingh, so on those days just go with the flow . Follow your brain instead of following your mood. For example-  If i dont want to get up from bed , i get up from bed . If i dont want to workout , i just workout.  

So friends dont be slave of your mood . If you have to do somthingh just do it without pondering wheather you want to do it or not. Make a thumb rule of your life NOW OR NEVER .

Now you guyz must be thinking that remaining 10% success depends on what ???

And the answer is upcoming 4th and 5th steps.

4. Attitude – How you deal with your triumph and failure . friends failure is part of success . We should know how to handle failure,Instead of getting depressed we should take it positively and learn somethingh from it . Along with failure you should also know how to handle your success. 

This point is very important because I have seen many people who even after doing proper planning and hard work fails to reach at the top because either they get depressed by their failure and give up or they take their success on head and consider themselves as best of best due to which they stop learning, stop growing and evetually fail….


5 . Last step is to NEVER EVER GIVE UP . No matter what happen just don’t give up. 

Because friends if there is a point where you feel like – i can’t bear it any more , its enough  then congrates my friend you are very close to your dream.

It is well said by someone that success came just after the point when you are at a verge of giving up.

So is’t insane to give up when you are so close to your goal ???

So follow these steps and fulfill you dreams…..

And let me know in comment section if i have missed any important point.๐Ÿ˜Š


From the acient times white is considered as the  symbol of  purity , beauty, truth and peace , whereas black is seen as a colour of  evil and ugly…….

Thats the reason today we are too biased towards white complexion.

If you are fair then you are beautiful , if you have white complexion then you are attractive.

I just wana say friends its 2017 , high time to break the stereotype . Even the jury of beauty competition does’nt consider skintone as a criteria to judge on then why we do . There are soo many beautiful actress and models who don’t have white complextion.

And one thingh that is encouraging this colourism is whitening creams .

The ads of these whitening creams shows that if one dont have a fare complextion then he or she will not get the attention and respect that one should get.

What rubbish is this and why we are tolerating all this.

Friends if you agree with me ( even 1 % ) then please boycott these skin lightning products. These companies are playing with the emotions of people ,just for money.

Be proud of your skin and if are proud of your skin and your body then you will automatically have a confident personality , you dont need any bullshit cream to increase your confidence.

And please friends share this post and make sure that next time there should not be any skin whitening product in your shopping list.

Boycotttttt these stuffffff


I was confused with the exact meaning of dreams so I searched in the dictionary and look what i got


1. that you see while sleeping.

2. A wish or a hope.

The meanings were soo simple and straight forward  but….

If dream is something that we see while sleeping then why I have spend many sleepless night because of my dream.

If dream is just a wish or a hope then why i die every second to fulfill it.

Dream is probably more then this dictionary meaning.

After an hour of speculation I got the real meaning of dream ….

Dream is something we live for.

It is reason to try again and again after numerous failures.

It is the reason we challenge our limitations every now and then.

In more simple words :

Dream is reason why we wake up every morning.

So friends “dare to dream” 

Because life without dream is rainbow without colour