Unwanted girl child……

There is lots of campaign against female infanticide. Our govt fight and punish them who does sex-selective abortion, as a result now there are many family who have girl child or we can say there are many family who are forced to give birth to their girl child……….

Our law protect the girl infanticide but is this the end of story …… Do anyone care what happen after this…

 I’ll tell you what happen after the birth of an undesired girl child.

After her birth , it was not only she who was crying but whole family was crying along with her.

Her mother was tortured by her father because she has given birth to a girl. It was not that she was not cute but she didnt got the love and attention that her brother get.she was deprived of good food and milk .she sacrifice her education because her brother education was more important . In age of playing with dolls she was learning household work . She spends her whole childhood in craving to study,to play,to go out with friends and everything that her brother does.

After the years of pain, suffering and   disappointment . Now she is a grown up women. Then she got married one day with the hope of getting better life post marriage but all her dreams got shattered when her husband treated her like a slave .

She finally excepts that nothing will ever change. Her life was bad and now it is worse. She was only there to please her husband , do house hold work and give birth to a baby boy and in return of this she was allowed to stay there and to eat leftovers.

This is the sad story of a unwanted girl child

It is better to kill a girl child in womb than killing her every second for rest of her life


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 Dammm i am sooo happy…..It may not be big thingh for  many of u, but believe me guyz its really a big thingh for me.

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Why rape is wrong??

I know you must be thinking that what kind of topic is this. Hold on guyzz and go through whole post.

We all know that rape is wrong and everyone is raising their hands against rape . But the question is why do you think rape is wrong ?

According to our society rape is wrong because it hamper the honour of victim’s family and the second concern is victims marraige,  nobody will marry her offcourse…..

I really don’t understand these reasons , do you?

Now you guyz must be thinking that why reason matters . Ok I’ll tell you why 

Because if we will go according to these reasons then rape of sex workers is not a crime and martial rape is not rape it is just the right of a husband……

It seems that in india marraige is just a legal consent to rape …….

Rape is wrong because no one is allowed to touch anyone without her permission…….
Our society is equally responsible for the pathetic condition of victim.

Not only rapist is criminal, everyone who look down on a rape victim is a criminal. 

Everyone says that rapist destroys the girl’s life……thats not true , it is our society that destroys the victim life.

 A rape victim committ suicide because she knew that even if somehow she manages to forget this incident but society will never forget it 

The Unique Blogger Award

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The answers to the questions asked by kajal are:
Q1. Is there any person in your life(could be a celebrity) you look at and think that you want to be like them?

Ans. Yes, i really want to be like Sandeep Maheswari. He is an entrepreneur, photographer and motivational speaker . He is such a great person , he inspires everyone around him . I also want to inspire the world and bring positive changes in everyone’s life.

Q2. Your favourite blog
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Ans. ‘Unheard lament’ – http://wp.me/p92HBS-C. I like this post  of mine because i love children and their pathetic condition makes extremely worried.

Q3. What do you think is your strenght?

Ans. I don’t give up easily and i think it is my biggest strength .

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Uncertainty rules our life

Today when i was coming back to home from my coaching i saw a dead body in front of my flat, i was completely shocked .

When i get in, my mom told me that our neighbour Mr gupta had an accident and he died at the spot. 

I was stuck in shock , i mean the person i met in morning is no more in this world , it was way hard for me to accept.

But if it was difficult for me to accept then what about his family,  how are they coping with it….????

I really can’t stop myself thinking about this incident …..

2 min scilence for him….

RIP pranav uncle.

And deep condolence to his family.

Life is soo unpredictable!!!!!

If every second is uncertain then why we waste soo much time thinking and planning about future, some says-

I love u but dont want to continue this relationship because we have no future together

Or i am quitting my passion to do a job so that i have a secure future

We all have listen these lines  or even spoken these lines.This word future is soo common in our conversation. 

We end all our relationships, inner peace and everything in the avarice of money 

But can anyone tell me why we do so????

 when i’ll be on my death bed , amount of money i had earned throughout my life will not give me satisfaction, but the beautiful moment that i spend with my close ones,my dreams that i fulfilled, the times when i followed my heart and the happiness that i bring in others life will eventually give me satisfaction , isn’t guyzzzz??????
I have only one moto , that is the driving force of my life – 

I want to live every moment of my life such that when i will be taking my last breadth, there will no regret in my heart , there be only tears of happiness that yesss, i lived my life to the fullest and i enjoyed every bit of it……….

I know it sounds quite crazy …!!!!!

But this is me 😊



Nowadays , it is really difficult to maintain a relationships either it is Relationship with your parents , your sibblings, your spouse or your friends 

Why it is so????

Because we only think about our point of view , our prospective ……..

We never try to figure out there problem , there point of view, there prospective….

Whenevere we have an argument with other person, 

Yes it is true that we listen to them , but we listen to answer not to understand ……..

And this is the major point where real problem lies….

So if we really want to maintaina good relation with everyone then we have to take into consideration there point of view too……


Unheard lament !!!

        “Bache to bhagvan ka                   roop hote h”                                                             

We often have listen this phrase……but do we really consider children as god…????

This is what we made our god do….????

We need to update this phrase to-

    ” Apna bache,apna      khoon hi sirf bagvan ka                roop hota h”

 Now its seems to be correct. This is what our actions show!!!

We care soo much for our children , we always have an eye on them so that they dont hurt themselves,  we use best products for them so that they dont came in contact of bacteria n all because we know very well that children are extremely  senstive , prone to diseases…………


what of underprivileged ones, who dnt have parents to protect them , family to love them, home to shelter them and food to feed them………

Yes i m talking about Street children……

Why dont we see god in them???????

Why are they living in this pathetic  condition ?????

Do god have given them extra strength????

No they are also as senstive as the ones we have in our homes

It is intimidating to know how they suffer every second……….

They become victim of physical and mental torture,rape and starvation every day . The children have to fend for themselves and fight with the demons surrounding them.

For all of them the future just means the next meal……

Our nation’s children are our greatest asset and most precious treasure so we must take care of them with maximum effort!!!

Arzz kiya h!!!!

Hey friends!!!!

I m in some shairana mood,  so i hv written lines…..

  1. Meri nazar- andajgi ko kabhi bewafayi na samjhna ……                           meri gustakhiyo ko kabhi gunah na samjhna …..

       Apne ranjisho ki vajah            tum khud ho ……bevajah          mujhe kabhi inki vajah          na samjhna

2.  Kisi ni nazar ka asar kuch yu hua …….

Ki Jo mante the khuda hme vo bewafa bol gye 

Ki jo hmare pyar me fanna hone ko tayaar the bo hme hi fanna kr gyee……

These are my shayri …..

Vese mai shayr to nhi bus thodi koshis ki

So tell me in comment box , how was my trial ?????