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I wake up squinting in the morning. My reddish eyes were looking for somthing and that was reason, reason to get up.I got up struggling with my own thoughts. Hiding from everyone’s eyes , I took breakfast and went back to my room as if they want to snatch my food. I spend the whole day in my own room giving zero fucks to the world outside. I am empty from inside and my mind is blank  may be because i have lost the driving force of mankind i.e. hope. With the helplessness i went back to my bed and closed my eyes wishing to fell asleep forever.


I was surrounded by the  people  of different mentality but somthing was comman in all they were  running for  pleasure , ambition , money and fun in order to get prosperity of cherish moment and they used to hide their identity and being fake , to be an icon .

So being optimistic and unaware about the fact I was also in the same race of humbug people  ,my life was on similar track in the same phase But when i met a person who unknowingly taught me lot of things  and changed my perspective , it’s not that now i am completely different person but only because of him that i am able to start my new year with new ideologies and ameliorate to be a patent of my own journey . The most crucial lesson  that I learnt so far is that how much time you spend with the person don’t matter  but how much you learn from his experiences matters a lot.

I know, the stages of our lives have different turning phases, but the reinvigorating moment brought by those people who were stranger to us ,so let’s we all say soulfully and heartly big thank you to them for showing us the path .

Be a lie detector!!!!

Hello friends !!!

 To kese hai app log???

I am back (after a long time) with another post ( amazing or not that you will decide 😉 )  

We always think that if it is possible to know that other person is speaking truth or not ……. So 

Here are 8 little details to study the next time you think someone is lying to you! 
1. When people lie, their breathing pattern changes!
When one feels cornered, their breathing becomes ragged and heavy. It’s a reflex action when one is feeling tense and nervous – and it happens because of an increase in heart rate and blood flow. Even if you aren’t sitting close enough to somebody to notice changes in their breathing, you can notice their shoulders, which tend to rise when one is lying – and their voice tends to become unclear.

2. They start providing too many details…
When people lie, they try to avoid any direct confrontation – and in the process tend to mix up their words with things of least relevance. They start giving more information than required or asked for because they think staying quiet will expose them while narrating a long story will make the other person believe their lie.

3. They unconsciously start twitching and fidgeting
You may have noticed how people involuntarily start touching their nose, the back of their ears, their throat, or their chest when they feel nervous. These are vulnerable parts of one’s body – and when one is lying, these parts feel especially exposed. Therefore, instinctively, they try to protect them and start fidgeting and/ or covering these parts with their hands.

4. They point their feet in any direction except towards you!
If you want to know what’s really going on in someone’s mind, watch their feet! If they are pointing away from you, or are pointing towards the exit, then know that they probably want to escape the situation – because he/ she is feeling nervous or pressurised.

5. Contrary to popular belief, they avoid blinking too much and actually stare straight into the other person’s eyes!
When we’re telling the truth, we do not hesitate to look around. But when we’re lying, we’re focusing on making the other person believe that lie. And so we overcompensate by looking them directly in the eye – sometimes way too intently. Steady eye contact also translates into confidence for many, and hence the liar is able to manipulate others into believing him or her.

6. They repeat words and phrases!
It’s a human tendency to remember what’s been said or repeated most – so when people lie, they tend to repeat everything over and over again to drill into the listener’s mind whatever it is that they want him or her to believe. They also repeat some phrases and words to buy more time to create a more elaborate story.

7. They may turn hostile and aggressive
When people lie, they feel threatened and are scared of being exposed. So in an effort to save their own butts, they try to turn the tables by taking on an angry, threatening tone and acting defensive!

8. They try to place objects between themselves and you
When we feel exposed and vulnerable, we instinctively try and keep a distance from the person or thing that is making us feel that way. Similarly, when someone’s reeling under the pressure of lying and the fear of being exposed, he or she instinctively places random objects between the other person and themselves. This Somehow makes them feel less insure about getting caught.

Best Personal Protection Devices for Women

What are the best personal protection devices for women? What are the top best self defense devices for women? Well, I suggest you read on.

It is no longer news that crime is on the rise all over the world and because most victims of violent attacks are women, they require special attention as regards safety. Fortunately, many female-friendly personal protection devices are available in the market. So in this post, i will be discussing the best 10 self-defense devices (female-friendly) that you can find in the market as of present.

10 Best Personal Self Protection Devices for Women

1.  The stun gun
This small gun charges an attacker with an electric shock. The shock weakens the attacker temporarily, giving you ample chance to escape the scene. When its trigger is pulled, a stun gun pumps about 700,000 volts into the attacker’s body. Some stun guns are small enough to be concealed in a pack of cigarettes. They run on Lithium batteries and can be carried either in handbags or held in waist straps.

2.  The stun baton

Shaped like the baton used in relay races, this self defense device paralyzes the attacker by distorting communication between his brain and voluntary muscles. This leads to a loss of balance, disorientation, confusion, and loss of muscle control. Even though the stun baton pumps up to 800,000 volts of electric shock into the attacker’s body, full recovery takes place within five to ten minutes. Stun batons run on rechargeable batteries, and they come with a belt loop for easy carrying.

3.  The pepper spray
This is the most feminine-looking personal defense device, as it is shaped like a lipstick and is available in many colors that females love. Pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, a reddish-orange, oily liquid that is extracted from Cayenne pepper. The pepper spray is small and handy; it can fit perfectly into your cosmetic purse or pocket. It is very easy to use – pretend that you want to apply it on your lips and spray it to fend off an attacker. The attacker will experience short-term blindness, excruciating pain, uncontrollable flow of tears, sneezing, and coughing. While he is in that state, you can easily find an escape route.

4.  The stun rings

A stun ring is an attractive ring that looks elegant and can pass for fashion ring. But more importantly, it offers safety and instills confidence. The ring contains pepper spray, and it protects you in times of attack, rape, violence and crisis.

5.   The personal alarm

Though very small, this device can scream very loudly at the push of a button. So, when you are attacked, you can use it to attract attention. The loud scream alone can discourage attackers, as it continues until you stop it. Some personal alarms even have in-built light, which helps you find objects or your way through the dark.

6.  The lightning strike 

personal protection device
This torch-like device was originally developed for use by police officers, but many civilians now use it as well. It protects you by shortly blinding and disorienting the attacker – thanks to the several lumens of strong white light produced by the LEDs in the device. The lightning strike device is light and small; you can carry it even while jogging.

7.   The mace spray

This tube-like device, like the pepper spray, causes inflammation of the eye capillaries and temporary visual impairment. It also causes choking, sneezing, and severe burning sensation to the eyes, nose, and throat. However, these effects are not permanent.

8.   The TASER device

This personal protection device can stun an attacker from a distance of about 15 feet away. Yet, it doubles as a powerful contact stun device. The device is very easy to use because hitting it anywhere on the attacker’s body will render him incapacitated. This is quite unlike pepper sprays and other self-defense devices, all of which 


I rush out in the garden with a smile on my face,

Stroking the beautiful flowers with petals as soft as lace,

A swift refreshing breeze gushes by 

Reviving my bitters spirit as i lie ;

a whiff of perfume and ring 

I sit beside the rippling waters and feel like a king

Swarms of flies soar high and low,

A bird rings blithely on a budding bough;

I can hear the wind singing me 

It is a thingh that i can feel but cannot see…..

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Actully, nowadays I am quite busy preparing for my CAT exam that is on 24th of nov. 

So wish me luck friends 😉

I know you all must be curious about the title of this post so, let me tell you this is a normal conversation post as i was missing you all . I want everyone to comment otherwise there will be no meaning of this post 🙁

Friends I am planning to do a post about me in which i will tell you all about I ,me and myself 😀

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Why not hindi ???

Why in india we consider hindi as a secondary language or a language of illiterate ???

Why people feel shame in accepting that they dont know english while some boast of not knowing hindi ???

Why we see english as a cool language and hindi as a language of “gawar”???

Its soo disheartning to say that we are living in a country where people are ashamed of speaking in their mother toungue in public.

I am not against english, its always good to learn other languages . I am against ones who look down on hindi.

 We love our country and we are proud of it so why can’t we love hindi and proud of it too