Why rape is wrong??

I know you must be thinking that what kind of topic is this. Hold on guyzz and go through whole post.

We all know that rape is wrong and everyone is raising their hands against rape . But the question is why do you think rape is wrong ?

According to our society rape is wrong because it hamper the honour of victim’s family and the second concern is victims marraige,  nobody will marry her offcourse…..

I really don’t understand these reasons , do you?

Now you guyz must be thinking that why reason matters . Ok I’ll tell you why 

Because if we will go according to these reasons then rape of sex workers is not a crime and martial rape is not rape it is just the right of a husband……

It seems that in india marraige is just a legal consent to rape …….

Rape is wrong because no one is allowed to touch anyone without her permission…….
Our society is equally responsible for the pathetic condition of victim.

Not only rapist is criminal, everyone who look down on a rape victim is a criminal. 

Everyone says that rapist destroys the girl’s life……thats not true , it is our society that destroys the victim life.

 A rape victim committ suicide because she knew that even if somehow she manages to forget this incident but society will never forget it 


41 Replies to “Why rape is wrong??”

    1. Rape is wrong not doubt about this topic. I feel Asian men who was born in the U.K. but was brought up by there parents who immigrated from India,Pakistan and many more third world countries. These men didn’t just wake up and decided to rape. This is something that this man when he was a young boy seen his father doing to his beloved mother. Unless you understand Asian cultures. People don’t realize that mother has her mother in law living in her marriage and controlling her children’s mind against the mother to protect her beloved son. In the 60is 70is many Asian came to this country with there culture and own religion doesn’t mean it makes it right as he’s a man with his own mind, born in a country that doesn’t put up with this behaviour yet he still does it. Why? This is where religion comes in when that little boy heard his father, the father realise his son knows what happened. Now the father has to take control and turns the rape into religion. Some of young Asian girl’s wasn’t just rapped in marriage but was repeatedly abused by a member of the family. That’s when things can become catastrophic and have severe mental issues on a young girl growing up into a young woman into a arranged marriage. What I’m trying to say is this woman was already broken before marriage. Now it’s 2017 and its still happening and the U.K. government are aware of this. This is something house of commons needs to address it. Not many Asian women have the courage to leave and the ones who did find the courage to leave living in hostels without there children have no family. Sad sad. They find them selves among white people culture that they don’t understand.

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  1. Nice post, and its true Rape is only when you force yourself on another person without his consent. A sex worker give consent to you for money. wife allows you as she is your wife, but any other girl will allow you only if she wants the same moments else it is definitely a Rape.
    I liked that you took such topic in really good way.

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  2. You give a perspective on Indian society that I was not fully aware of, Swati – thank you for that.

    Instead of suicide, perhaps people could move to a place they are not known, or move from India altogether? Asking society to change sounds like the right thing (and on one level it is), but it is much easier to change one’s own personal circumstances.

    It is not correct to wait for others to change for our happiness to come.

    By saying this, I am not supporting incorrect societal attitudes or rape in any form, but indicating an alternative path forward for a victim.

    Perhaps not a popular point of view.

    Kindness – Robert.

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  3. Reblogged this on Sketches By Nitesh and commented:
    There isn’t too much that I can say through this reblog that I haven’t already ranted about. Moments like these, they end up making you question your ideals, what do you actually stand for and whether that is right. You end up wondering what do you actually believe in.

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  4. Good, insightful
    Only one thing that I would like to mention here which every time I mention… is that.. the word victim to not to be used.. instead let’s use the word survivor..

    Perfectly written..

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  5. I live in Scotland and I am aware that rape is a problem throughout the world. When a rape victim takes someone to court, there is still the question of “what were you wearing?” and so on. The victim blaming. However, in the UK I believe the majority of people do not blame the victim. A person’s life can be ruined, but this is due to mental damage dealing with the aftermath and not because society ostracises her. The family of a victim would want to hurt the rapist and would not blame the victim. On reading this and from the negative stories from the media (although I’m aware the media spin stories), it does seem that India has a way to go in changing attitudes towards rape victims.

    I don’t agree with Robert (above). If we bend and change to “fit in” with society, then we would never make the changes needed. A victim should not move away because of the way everyone treats her after being raped. She should not be altering her life. He should be prosecuted and his life altered!

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