Blind bhakti

“Faith heals but blind faith   hurts”

Why do followers of holy men become so blindly rapt in their devotion that their power of reasoning fails them…

After asaram bapu , baba ram raheem is found guilty of henious crimes like rape and murder ……

What is this ????? Why these people are supporting a criminal ???? What they are doing in the name of bhakti?????

This case was filed in 2002 , when one female follower writes a letter to former prime minister Atal Bihari Bajpaye. 

 Sad it took 5 years for CBI to frame charges. 5 years for court to start hearing and meanwhile he kept corrupting Hindi religion and exploiting Hindu women. What kind of society we live in!

According to CBI report –

CBI questioned 18 sadhvis who had left the Dera, some of whom told investigators that the Dera chief and his followers were “very dangerous people”. Two of the women accused the Dera chief of rape. One of them said she had been raped in order that she may be “purified”.

Purification !!!!!

What kind of purification she saying ……..


It is intimidating to see new generation is also giving active support to these baba’s. 

Friends it is an humble request to not fall in the traps of these Godmen. Use your logic and resoning at every step of your life because if god really want us to follow these godmen blindly then he wouldn’t given us brain……

Isn’t ????


31 Replies to “Blind bhakti”

  1. Really great post bhakti✌.
    Now a day we youth dont depend much on them. I am not insulting but thing is we are cross check thier way of putlrity so we dont believe them much. But people having age between 40 and above are more devotional. They force their kids to obey the orders of baba and sadhus. To be his sadhvi. In those cases such girls dont get any support as thier parents are biggest supporters of such sadhus and hence whatever they say is last word. It is not just that baba raped his sadhvi..but the question is where were her parent when he was going to purify that sadhvi’s soul by rape.
    Sometime parents also are in fault…

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  2. It’s very serious . Education system is entirely responsible for this. These Baba’s are a danger to culture and religion. They are so influential which makes them arrogant and do what they like. It’s not good for India.

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  3. It’s so true. Everytime I pick up the newspaper, I feel so nasty and sad. I don’t know what kind of a place is this where we just don’t get justice in time. How come so many people follow these henious criminals so blindly. I am glad we got justice even after so long.


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