Why are you not successful

Why there are some who achieve their dreams many who does’nt ???

Why some are able to turn their illusion into reality while others just live in illusions ???

What is the difference between a successful  person  and  a   commoners???

 You also want to be a successful person…..so let me show you the path to success

1. Be crystal clear about your dream. You should know what exactly you want .

2. Once you are clear about your ambition then pick up pen and dairy as its time to plan because –

If you fail to plain then you plan to fail.

Let me tell you friend 80% of us reach to this step . 

  3. Next step is to action.

Your 90% success depend on this step .

You have to take action immediately . You have to follow your plan without procrastination. 

# we all are procrastinators. Believe me this is the sole reason for our failure. We don’t postpone our task but we postpone our dreams. I know saying  “stop procrastination” is very easy but actually doing it is an uphill task . I know there are days when you dont want to do anythingh, so on those days just go with the flow . Follow your brain instead of following your mood. For example-  If i dont want to get up from bed , i get up from bed . If i dont want to workout , i just workout.  

So friends dont be slave of your mood . If you have to do somthingh just do it without pondering wheather you want to do it or not. Make a thumb rule of your life NOW OR NEVER .

Now you guyz must be thinking that remaining 10% success depends on what ???

And the answer is upcoming 4th and 5th steps.

4. Attitude – How you deal with your triumph and failure . friends failure is part of success . We should know how to handle failure,Instead of getting depressed we should take it positively and learn somethingh from it . Along with failure you should also know how to handle your success. 

This point is very important because I have seen many people who even after doing proper planning and hard work fails to reach at the top because either they get depressed by their failure and give up or they take their success on head and consider themselves as best of best due to which they stop learning, stop growing and evetually fail….


5 . Last step is to NEVER EVER GIVE UP . No matter what happen just don’t give up. 

Because friends if there is a point where you feel like – i can’t bear it any more , its enough  then congrates my friend you are very close to your dream.

It is well said by someone that success came just after the point when you are at a verge of giving up.

So is’t insane to give up when you are so close to your goal ???

So follow these steps and fulfill you dreams…..

And let me know in comment section if i have missed any important point.😊


68 Replies to “Why are you not successful”

  1. Your writing is amazing! I really enjoy reading your blogs! I would also like to thank you for your support. Your raffle ticket number is 32221. You can find me at facebook under the name brittian weaver to keep updated with the prize!! Thank you for helping me spread awarness!!

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    1. I knw its really tough to stop that but if you are highly determined and you want somtheting at any cost…….you will never procrast !!!!!
      Kabhi dekha hai kisi dubte hue insaan to postpone krte hue ki abhi ni baad me khud ko bchane ka try krege


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