Be a lie detector!!!!

Hello friends !!!

 To kese hai app log???

I am back (after a long time) with another post ( amazing or not that you will decide 😉 )  

We always think that if it is possible to know that other person is speaking truth or not ……. So 

Here are 8 little details to study the next time you think someone is lying to you! 
1. When people lie, their breathing pattern changes!
When one feels cornered, their breathing becomes ragged and heavy. It’s a reflex action when one is feeling tense and nervous – and it happens because of an increase in heart rate and blood flow. Even if you aren’t sitting close enough to somebody to notice changes in their breathing, you can notice their shoulders, which tend to rise when one is lying – and their voice tends to become unclear.

2. They start providing too many details…
When people lie, they try to avoid any direct confrontation – and in the process tend to mix up their words with things of least relevance. They start giving more information than required or asked for because they think staying quiet will expose them while narrating a long story will make the other person believe their lie.

3. They unconsciously start twitching and fidgeting
You may have noticed how people involuntarily start touching their nose, the back of their ears, their throat, or their chest when they feel nervous. These are vulnerable parts of one’s body – and when one is lying, these parts feel especially exposed. Therefore, instinctively, they try to protect them and start fidgeting and/ or covering these parts with their hands.

4. They point their feet in any direction except towards you!
If you want to know what’s really going on in someone’s mind, watch their feet! If they are pointing away from you, or are pointing towards the exit, then know that they probably want to escape the situation – because he/ she is feeling nervous or pressurised.

5. Contrary to popular belief, they avoid blinking too much and actually stare straight into the other person’s eyes!
When we’re telling the truth, we do not hesitate to look around. But when we’re lying, we’re focusing on making the other person believe that lie. And so we overcompensate by looking them directly in the eye – sometimes way too intently. Steady eye contact also translates into confidence for many, and hence the liar is able to manipulate others into believing him or her.

6. They repeat words and phrases!
It’s a human tendency to remember what’s been said or repeated most – so when people lie, they tend to repeat everything over and over again to drill into the listener’s mind whatever it is that they want him or her to believe. They also repeat some phrases and words to buy more time to create a more elaborate story.

7. They may turn hostile and aggressive
When people lie, they feel threatened and are scared of being exposed. So in an effort to save their own butts, they try to turn the tables by taking on an angry, threatening tone and acting defensive!

8. They try to place objects between themselves and you
When we feel exposed and vulnerable, we instinctively try and keep a distance from the person or thing that is making us feel that way. Similarly, when someone’s reeling under the pressure of lying and the fear of being exposed, he or she instinctively places random objects between the other person and themselves. This Somehow makes them feel less insure about getting caught.


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