Unheard lament !!!

        “Bache to bhagvan ka                   roop hote h”                                                             

We often have listen this phrase……but do we really consider children as god…????

This is what we made our god do….????

We need to update this phrase to-

    ” Apna bache,apna      khoon hi sirf bagvan ka                roop hota h”

 Now its seems to be correct. This is what our actions show!!!

We care soo much for our children , we always have an eye on them so that they dont hurt themselves,  we use best products for them so that they dont came in contact of bacteria n all because we know very well that children are extremely  senstive , prone to diseases…………


what of underprivileged ones, who dnt have parents to protect them , family to love them, home to shelter them and food to feed them………

Yes i m talking about Street children……

Why dont we see god in them???????

Why are they living in this pathetic  condition ?????

Do god have given them extra strength????

No they are also as senstive as the ones we have in our homes

It is intimidating to know how they suffer every second……….

They become victim of physical and mental torture,rape and starvation every day . The children have to fend for themselves and fight with the demons surrounding them.

For all of them the future just means the next meal……

Our nation’s children are our greatest asset and most precious treasure so we must take care of them with maximum effort!!!


Arzz kiya h!!!!

Hey friends!!!!

I m in some shairana mood,  so i hv written lines…..

  1. Meri nazar- andajgi ko kabhi bewafayi na samjhna ……                           meri gustakhiyo ko kabhi gunah na samjhna …..

       Apne ranjisho ki vajah            tum khud ho ……bevajah          mujhe kabhi inki vajah          na samjhna

2.  Kisi ni nazar ka asar kuch yu hua …….

Ki Jo mante the khuda hme vo bewafa bol gye 

Ki jo hmare pyar me fanna hone ko tayaar the bo hme hi fanna kr gyee……

These are my shayri …..

Vese mai shayr to nhi bus thodi koshis ki

So tell me in comment box , how was my trial ?????

Happy Raksha bandhan

      Hello friends ,

     Today is raksha bandhan and on this ocassion i have a message to all the brothers there…….

U guyz should take a pleadge …… not to save your sister from the bad world but 

  • to save there freedom that aur society take from girls 


  •  to teach your sister how to deal with the bad world…….

N by giving this promise to your sister celebrate this pious festival ……..

Why we are here…???

  • What is this life full of care ,we have no time to stand and stare….

Beautiful lines right guysss

These lines comes with many implict ques……like-

Why we are so busy in doing all stuff that gives us no inner joy…….why?????

Why we are busy earning when we dont have time to spend it or simply enjoy it??

……….and many more ques occur to us

U know guyzz whats the problem…….problem is –         1. society , that always enforce us to live like them 

2. Our own brain that is too scare to take risk thats the reason we run behind security instead of  happiness……

And its not our mistake that we run behind security and we listen to society instead of our inner self………..

We are made to think like that like we all grown up listening things like ” padh lo beta ek baar boards me achche percentage aa jaye fir lyf set h …..after boards …..beta comptative exams ki achche se prep kr lo , bs ek baar achcha colg mil jaye to lyf set h n uske baad achche job mil jaye fir shadi ho jaye…..n all ….”

Every1 only talk abt having settled life but nobady talks about having happy life

Why it is so?????

Yes friends , nobody can tell us how to life a happy life . We ourself have to take the steps for our happiness because we are not here to please the world or to be a money making machine …… we are here to live our life , to enjoy our life ……

So its tym to take a step , step for our inner peace

If u can relate with my post so do like it


Hlo guyz its me swatiii…          I have started this new blog bcz i wana share my views about sorrow,happiness,triumph , failure or simply i would say views about Life

I always have some ques in mah mind , like…….

1. Is happiness is all about money ?….if yes then billionaires should be the most happy person in world but that not so……..

2. Is suicide is the only solution of every problem………or there is any better alternative..????

3. What is the real meaning of success……??? Is it directly proportional to money????

         ……….and many more ques

So if these ques eat up ur brain too then friends you are at right place…….

Let me see ur reactions in comment section….